Caster Semenya Press Release

Courtesy of @caster800m

Pan Africa ILGA stands behind the Caster Semenya. The decision by the CAS not only contravenes Semenya’s right to bodily integrity and human dignity but interferes with Semenya’s bodily autonomy. As an organisation, PAI is a Pan African movement that promotes and respects bodily integrity and equal protection of human rights regardless of culture, religion and faith, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics. The decision of the CAS creates concern for the future of transgender and intersex bodies in sports due to the precedent which has now been set. Semenya’s body has been the site of global scrutiny from the age of 18 and has since been a decade long deliberation which included an intrusive sex verification test. The Court for Arbitration has upheld the policy which states that women who are intersex and have elevated levels of testosterone must take medication to lower their testosterone as to not have an unfair advantage. This policy is based on gender essentialism which assigns gender according to biology. This is exclusionary as it excludes various gender identities.

We stand by Semenya as we assert that she is not a threat to women’s sport and this policy not only jeopardises her career but infringes on her right to human dignity and bodily autonomy.