Rest in Power Binyavanga

Cloud travel is well and good when you have mastered the landings. I never have. I must live, not dream about living

PAI expresses its sadness upon hearing the news of the passing of a Literary giant and LGBTIQ+ activist. Binyavamga Wainaina fought for the rights of the LGBTIQ+ person to live in a wolrd devoid of stigma and myths. He lived as an openly gay man in time which was not only unpopular to do so but potentially life threatening and certainly illegal.

In 2014, Times named Wainaina as one of the 100 Most Influential People following the release of his essay “I am a Homosexual, Mum.” He felt the need to validate the experiences of his fellow gay men by coming out and revealing his HIV status. Wainaina was interested not in a long life, but a life lived fearlessly within love and literature. He was interested in the lives of gay Kenyans being normal and fear free.

In a Facebook post, Wainaina wrote:

“If I die anytime after that it is okay. I have already reconciled myself with that. I would like to live a long life after I do what I need to do this year. If I don’t live for long after this, it is okay,” he said. “Celebrate my life! Do not mourn me.”

As we celebrate the life of this literary giant, we wait in anticipation for the Kenyan ruling on the decriminalisation of homosexuality.